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Abstract Concept
Relates to concepts which can be defined or described, but which are often left up to the perception of the individual (e.g., feelings such as love, nervousness, or excitement).
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Something conceived in the mind, a thought or notion; an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular experiences; a mental representation, image or idea of tangible and concrete objects (e.g., a chair, a dog) and intangible ideas and feelings (e.g., colors, emotions).
Concrete Concept
Relates to objects or things that are tangible (e.g., a car, a chair).
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Incidental Learning
Learning that occurs unintentionally or by chance; often done through vision and hearing.
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Semi-Concrete Concept
Relates to an action, color, position, or something that can be demonstrated but not held in one’s hand (e.g., jumping, behind, red).
The execution of learned physical tasks; a learned power of doing something competently, a developed aptitude or ability.
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